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Guides for Living Your Best Life in 2024

2024 beckons like a blank page, crisp and inviting. But before we dive headfirst into resolutions and to-do lists, let's pause. Let's shed the skin of the past year, dust off our dreams, and nurture a new, radiant you. This isn't about rigid plans but about embracing the magic of self-discovery and breathing life into your aspirations with the guidance of the universe so you can live your best life.

Step one: The night sky is a canvas splashed with constellations and the key to unlocking your potential. Learn to create your own birth chart, a blueprint for your unique energy with Zodiac Magic: Astrological Wisdom for Love, Work and Family. Explore the astrological magic of your sign using tarot cards, spells, herbs, and crystals. This isn't about fate. It's about learning and understanding yourself and embracing the cosmic dance you were born to perform.

Zodiac Magic cover image with interior spreads highlighting the Aries, Love, and Magical Tips pages.

Step two: Shuffle a deck of vibrant tarot cards revealing the revolutionary acts of Rebel Witches. Each card is a portal to hidden truths inspired by ancient witches and renowned artists, musicians, photographers, and writers, including Mary Shelley, Zora Neale Hurston, David Bowie, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and others in the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Dare to break the rules and get inspired by people who acted unconventionally in pursuing their craft.  Let the cards in this beautifully designed 78-card deck guide you on your path to action and create the reality you desire.

Rebel Witches Tarot


Step three: Reawaken your inner witch by tuning in to the magic and sacred energies of Green, Hedge, and Kitchen witches in Backyard Witchcraft. Follow the green path and use the hidden powers of nature to foster positive connections between your mind, body, spirit, and living spaces. Understand the magic of the four elements, air, water, earth, and fire, and the plants that carry their messages. Create your own sacred garden space, tool kit, magical laboratories of herbal teas, infused oils, and purification rituals for your home. For the modern-day Wicca, backyard gardener, and naturalist, this indispensable guide explores the intimate relationship between humans and plants.

Backyard Witchcraft

Step four: Picture a cozy setting of meditational relaxation, a sanctuary where you can discard the stresses of the day. Color your way to serenity with Healing Vibes and Dream coloring books filled with soothing images of natural elements and beautiful patterns. Connect with wildlife in a captivating journey through the forest in Creative Haven® Forest & Woodland Wildlife Coloring Book. Find comfort and peace by coloring beautiful scriptures from the King James Bible nestled in decorative frames in Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind Coloring Book. Practice mindfulness with the stars in the Creative Haven Astrology Coloring Book, and invite a bit of magic into your everyday life with the Creative Haven® Pixie Dust Dreams Coloring Book.

Let the stars ignite your dreams, the tarot cards illuminate your path, the earthy wisdom of herbal witchcraft infuse your spirit, and coloring books soothe your soul. In 2024, you do you, and the universe will dance in response.

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