The Art of Mindful Relaxation: The Heart of Yoga Nidra

The Art of Mindful Relaxation: The Heart of Yoga Nidra

By: Ed Shapiro

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Most of us experience some degree of stress and many are too frustrated and exhausted to deal effectively with life's pressures. Consumed by the mind's chatter, we cannot appreciate the beauty and wonder of creation and we lose touch with the real purpose of our lives.
Ed Shapiro trained with the originator of yoga nidra and draws upon the timeless wisdom of centuries of Eastern meditation teachings to offer an in-depth, easy-to-follow path to profound relaxation and relief. By following these techniques, we can truly still our minds, tapping into a tremendous inner source of richness and creativity, and finding the freedom to realize our true potential.
"There are many teachers of meditation, but there are few who can so effortlessly translate such profound and ancient techniques. An authentic, accessible, and enjoyable guide to relaxation." — Andy Puddicombe, founder Headspace
"Change can be transformative but if we put it off then we put living on hold, fixed in old ways of being. Ed Shapiro gives us the courage to embrace change. This is a necessary and timely book." — Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan
"I’ve never read a book like this before! The wisdom of Mindful Yoga Nidra goes far beyond telling us that chilling out is good. Ed Shapiro helps us to move into who we want to be. This is intelligent, spiritual self-care." &mdash Cyndi Lee, author of May I Be Happy
"Deep, mindful relaxation is an art we can all master. By sharing the wisdom of Yoga Nidra, Ed Shapiro shows us how to live with greater joy with a deep sense of ease." — Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Real Love
"Ed and Deb Shapiro are long-term leaders in the international spiritual community. Ed’s new book demonstrates the weight behind that leadership. With intelligence and great humor he reveals what has appeared to be hidden to in fact be obvious. His writing supports the reader in directly discovering what has too often felt to be out of reach — the wonder of true peace. I wholehearted recommend this book." — Gangaji, American spiritual teacher
"Ed and Deb Shapiro are two warm, caring and capable individuals. Their work makes our planet a safer and more loving place to live." — Dr. Bernie Siegel M.D., bestselling author Love, Medicine and Miracles
"I hope that your work is reaching many. It deserves it and so do they." — Stephen Levine, international bestselling author
"Ed and Deb bring compassion and heart to a modern world where it is sorely needed." — Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now and Still Here
"The wonderful Shapiros are a conduit of joy and spiritual energy that heals hearts on their subtle level." — Dr. Lex Hixon
"Ed and Deb make a connection to their friends' spirit. They then bring their spiritual energy all over the world for world peace." — Kitaro, Golden Globe®-award recipient and Grammy Award®-winning musician
"I know Ed and Deb as their television producer and they walk their talk." — Joanne Sawicki, creator of Channel Health TV
"Ed Shapiro's informative and inspired book should be on every yoga practitioners shelf! I have used yoga nidra since I first began yoga and can vouch for its brilliant effectiveness. Transformation is not possible without first being deeply relaxed and this book provides the skills that can help get you there. Highly recommended!" — Seane Corn, founder Off the Mat

Reprint of the Element, Inc., Rockport, Massachussetts, 1991 edition.
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