Monster Mazes

Monster Mazes

By: Dave Phillips

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This book is your invitation to enter a world of high adventure, where daring and skill will bring you great treasure, but only if you avoid a host of deadly dangers. The mazes are in four levels of increasing difficulty.
In Level I you enter the long-lost Mystic Caverns. There are fabulous treasures awaiting those skillful enough to avoid fatal encounters with dragons, trolls, demons, goblins, and other unpleasant characters.
Level II consists of a maze of tunnels built by an ancient race of dwarves, and inhabited by a harpy, a fire demon, a sea serpent, an evil wizard in search of a magic ring, and worms hundreds of feet long. This level is filled with secret passages, which you can enter to emerge in another section of the maze.
Level III is alive with sorcery. The bones of dead warriors clatter in the tunnels; berserker warriors destroy all but their own kind. In these caverns you'll find a magic warrior with the power to see through any disguise or illusion, the rarest jewel in the world, and other prizes, but to snare them you must choose weapons to use against ghosts, skeletons, and warriors.
Only the bravest and most skilled adventurer should dare Level IV. It is filled with wolves and scorpions, a seven-headed hydra, a fire-breathing dragon, and other hostile creatures.You must collect arrows to slay them and escape with you loot.
Monster Mazes will provide hours of stimulating and scary entertainment for maze enthusiasts of all ages. Solutions are included for each excitingly illustrated puzzle.

Dover Original.
AvailabilityOut of Stock
ISBN 100486260054
ISBN 139780486260051
Author/EditorDave Phillips
Grade level2 - 8 (ages 7 - 13)
Page Count48
Dimensions8 1/4 x 11

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