History of Mathematics, Vol. I

History of Mathematics, Vol. I

By: David E. Smith

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Within this two-volume edition, Professor Smith covers the entire history of mathematics in the Near and Far East and the West, from primitive number concepts to the calculus. His account is distinguished by impeccable scholarship combined with unusual clarity and readability. Footnotes add many technical points outside the book's actual line of development and direct the reader to disputed matters and source readings. Hundreds of illustrations from Egyptian papyri, Hindu, Chinese, and Japanese manuscripts, Greek and Roman texts, Medieval treatises, maps, portraits, etc. are used along with modern graphs and diagrams.
Every major figure from Euclid to Descartes, Gauss, and Riemann and hundreds of lesser-known figures — Theon of Smyrna, Rabbi ben Ezra, Radulph of Laon, Mersenns, Benedetti, and more — are considered both with respect to specific problems and with an awareness of their overall influence on mathematics.
Volume I: General Survey, covering chronologically, primitive counting; the schools of Egypt; Babylonia, early and late Greece; Oriental mathematics; Roman and Medieval work; the European Renaissance; and the end of the 19th century. Over 1,100 figures included. 21-page Chronological Table. 204 Topics for Discussion. Bibliography.

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