Problems and Solutions in Quantum Chemistry and Physics (eBook)

Problems and Solutions in Quantum Chemistry and Physics (eBook)

By: Charles S. Johnson, Jr., Lee G. Pedersen

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"A very useful addition to the chemical literature." — Journal of the American Chemical Society.
Designed to aid students and teachers in advanced physical chemistry, spectroscopy, or quantum chemistry courses, this carefully written book is unique in the variety of problems covered and the detail of the solutions provided.
The book consists of 12 chapters, each of which includes a short introduction, followed by approximately 20 problems with detailed solutions. Also provided in each chapter are approximately 10 "supplementary" problems, with answers but no solutions. Chapter headings include:
Atomic Physics and the Old Quantum Theory
Waves and Superposition
Postulates and Formalism of Quantum Mechanics
Simple Exactly Soluble Problems in Wave Mechanics
Angular Momentum
Perturbation and Variation Theory
Hydrogen-Like Atoms
Electronic Structure of Atoms
Electronic Structure of Molecules
Radiation and Matter
Molecular Spectroscopy
Scattering Theory
Assuming some facility with calculus, mechanics, and electricity and magnetism, the authors offer thorough and up-to-date coverage of both modern subject matter and standard topics. Interspersed among classic examples are lucid applications involving such topics as Fourier transforms, Poisson brackets, uncertainty, the virial theorem, van der Waals forces, lasers, tunneling, group theory, and the Born approximation. Students will also find 10 helpful appendixes covering a range of mathematical topics, a list of references cited in solutions to the problems, and a Subject Index.
With its unique variety of problems, unusually detailed solutions, and wide range of applications, this book not only expounds the principles of quantum theory but also helps students develop the proper intuition for solving problems in a complex and subtle field of endeavor.

Reprint of the Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading Massachusetts, 1974 edition.
ISBN 100486151530
ISBN 139780486151533
Author/EditorCharles S. Johnson, Jr., Lee G. Pedersen
Page Count448
Dimensions6 1/2 x 9 1/4

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