All About Weeds (eBook)

All About Weeds (eBook)

By: Edwin R. Spencer

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This book might be called a Who's Who among Weeds as it covers 102 of the most common weeds found throughout the United States. Weeds of lawn and yard, weeds that are sometimes used for food, weeds that are the bane of hayfever sufferers, weeds that can ruin cow's milk, poisonous weeds, and even the real desperadoes that can totally overtake a field in one season are all covered. The author, Edwin R. Spencer, was a farmer and biology professor; his text is both a practical and an authoritative guide to weeds, able to speak to nature lovers, farmers, and scientists alike.
Pigweed … Dogbane … Carpet Weed … Crab Grass … Wild Garlic … Spiderwort … Chicory … Ragweed … Poison Ivy … Yellow Dock … each weed is listed under its most common name, but since one man's Moneywort is another man's Creeping Jenny, its scientific and alternative common names are also given. Then follows a delightful description of each weed, full of information and good humor as well. Details for controlling the weed are given in this section. To aid in identification each weed is multiply keyed at the front of the text as to its place and season of growth, the type of soil it prefers, and physical characteristics. Even if you know nothing about botany, you will most likely be able to identify your find through these keys or just by flipping through the 102 first-rate illustrations.
To the gardener and farmer weeds are something to be hoed out and plowed under, but weeds are also a fascinating group of plants, as this thoroughly readable book will point out. They are the plants you are most likely to come upon in nature jaunts and the ones you are going to have to come to terms with if you do any gardening of your own.
"A most fascinating book." — Garden Club of America.

Reprint of Just Weeds, 1957 edition.
ISBN 100486144429
ISBN 139780486144429
Author/EditorEdwin R. Spencer
Page Count333
Dimensions5 3/8 x 8 1/2

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